Dream: Punk Waitress and the Dessert Buffet

Dream figure from 9/16/14

Dream figure from 9/16/14

Occasionally, my dreams will turn up some imagery that sticks with me: Last night it was this waitress, with her jet black pigtails, striped tights and green bows on her shoes. She was highly enthusiastic about her job, I could tell that she loved it. She was going on and on about the dessert buffet, how you could make anything you wanted and it had every dessert imaginable. Later on in the dream, I saw a small section of the buffet, and it had the most colorfully frosted sugar cookies I’ve ever seen. They looked like tie-dye shirts.

Dreams have been a powerful creative force for me, so when I can, I’ll draw some of the visual content from them to connect with them better. I have no idea what this dream means, but it is the second dream I’ve had this week that features a dessert buffet, so I figured I should probably have a sugar cookie. This cupcake was close enough.


A green cupcake to match the bows on the shoes đŸ™‚



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