The Acts of Paul and Thecla – Finished!

This film is entitled “Meet Thecla”, animated by me and narrated by three live actors. It’s 12 seconds into this sermon video by John Rogers¬†– which is a great sermon, and may I suggest sticking around for the whole thing? ūüôā

This was a whole new level of character animating for me. I learned a great deal working on this project.

Unmade Holiday Special #rubberonionbattle

Here’s November’s battle entry! I made this right after the election. Many thanks to my excellent voiceover crew: Jenna Popham, Loretta Graceffo, Simona Graceffo, Julie Korgen, and Emerson Pentecost!

This particular battle entry was really interesting for me… It was an actual battle – at least internally – for me to release it. The idea came to me quickly and I was able to execute it quickly, but when it came time for me to publish it to my YouTube page, I balked pretty hard. It’s darker than my previous work, and for some reason, that stirred up a lot of resistance in me. Now that it’s out there, I’m very glad I faced my fear and published it anyway.

KaBloom! #rubberonionbattle

So I’ve been listening to the Rubber Onion¬†podcast recently, which I highly recommend.¬†Every month, they have an animation battle: Anyone can enter, as long as the content is 15 seconds or less, and is based on the month’s topic. The prompt this month is Angry Flowers. Here’s my submission:


Per current battle rules, I submitted it here on Instagram. It’s the first time I’ve done this, and I’m really enjoying it. It makes me kick out content quickly – and lets me see how quickly I can kick out content. If I have the focus, I can work fast. This is really good for me to know, and to internalize, considering some of the longer form projects I have in the planning stages right now. (More on that later).

It’s also great to be in contact with a community of animators! Under the #rubberonionbattle hashtag on Instagram¬†, everyone comments on everyone else’s posts, whether they are works in progress or finished submissions. It’s a very positive, encouraging space. I’m enjoying meeting everyone, and seeing the creative and diverse spectrum of styles. I think animators are a unique breed in how we see the world, and this is a neat way to be in contact with part of the tribe.

Really looking forward to seeing how these battles inform my progress.

Lake Shore Drive!

My two year project is finished! It is a wedding present for my wife, Elizabeth Perryman. It features our inner children and Chicago, her home city. I was able to show it at our wedding reception, which meant the world to me.

I learned so much from this project, and I’m really proud of it.

Holy $#^%, I Finished Something

I had mentioned earlier that I’d wanted to do¬†a little side project, and take a break from the big piece I’m working on. I thought it would be rather uninvolved, and I’d whip it out in a week. A month and a half later, here it is:


I am learning that things will always take longer than I think they will. And that is OK.

Special thanks go to Will Newman for his voiceover talents. Will is an attorney in New York City, a guest blogger for the Huffington Post,¬†and the frontman for his band, The Will Newman Trio, which performs his original songs featuring unbelievably inappropriate lyrics. You’ve been warned.

Stick Figure Walk Cycle

This is a walk cycle I developed for a quick project I’m doing. There’s some stuff I would tweak if I had more time, but I don’t. So I’ll take it for now.

I am taking a break from Lake Shore Drive, which is a rather epic endeavor, and thought I’d do a sketch on the angst of the creative process. Hoping to be done with the whole thing by this Sunday, May 10th. (Which most likely means two Sundays from now, May 24th.)