KaBloom! #rubberonionbattle

So I’ve been listening to the Rubber Onion¬†podcast recently, which I highly recommend.¬†Every month, they have an animation battle: Anyone can enter, as long as the content is 15 seconds or less, and is based on the month’s topic. The prompt this month is Angry Flowers. Here’s my submission:


Per current battle rules, I submitted it here on Instagram. It’s the first time I’ve done this, and I’m really enjoying it. It makes me kick out content quickly – and lets me see how quickly I can kick out content. If I have the focus, I can work fast. This is really good for me to know, and to internalize, considering some of the longer form projects I have in the planning stages right now. (More on that later).

It’s also great to be in contact with a community of animators! Under the #rubberonionbattle hashtag on Instagram¬†, everyone comments on everyone else’s posts, whether they are works in progress or finished submissions. It’s a very positive, encouraging space. I’m enjoying meeting everyone, and seeing the creative and diverse spectrum of styles. I think animators are a unique breed in how we see the world, and this is a neat way to be in contact with part of the tribe.

Really looking forward to seeing how these battles inform my progress.

Reference Art Grabs, May 12, 2014

On my way to work this morning:

A tree trimmer in Bryant Park

Tree Trimmer

Tree Trimmer 2

Crosswalk, ground level perspective

Photo May 12, 10 23 45 AM

Helmsley Building clock peeking out behind the shrubs

Peek-a-boo Clock

Flags backlit by sunlight


Flowers outside my office building