Lake Shore Drive! My most involved project. It is a wedding gift for my marvelous wife, Elizabeth Perryman. She’s from Chicago, and this is a tribute to her city. I love it, and I love her.

The rest of my animations, from newest to oldest:

New Year’s Resolution: January’s Rubber Onion battle entry.

Meet Thecla: A work commissioned by the Tanho Center which introduces an early Christian text that was not included in the Bible. I provided the animation for the video, which is narrated by three members of the Tanho Center. It starts 12 seconds into this sermon by John Rogers. (Stay for the sermon! It’s great.)


Unmade Holiday Special: November’s Rubber Onion battle entry.


Rejected Monsters: October’s Rubber Onion battle entry.


Exciting Trailers for Boring Subjects: August’s Rubber Onion battle entry.


Mustache Problems: July’s Rubber Onion battle entry. It features a voiceover by Josh Meathamski, a participant from May’s #angryflowers battle. Check out his original entry!


Handshake Fail: My entry for June’s Rubber Onion battle.


KaBloom! My first foray into an animation battle: A fabulous monthly contest/gathering run by the Rubber Onion podcast.


Inner/Outer Critic: A different style from the usual Monster stuff. It was inspired by a session I had with the lovely Martha Crawford at Subtext Consultations.


High Five: A Mother’s Day gift I made for my sister, featuring my baby nephew, Andre. I was happy to see that I could blend live action and animation.


Dear Mom and Dad… A thank you note for my parents.





Monsters Can Fly!




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